Thursday 4 October 2007

Shopping Spree

I sat down to write this two hours ago but I have been finally going through all my emails and I had loads of really nice ones from people who read this but also I’ve been told about a couple of new products out there which I’m determined to sample. The first package of goodies is currently sitting in the post office waiting for me to retrieve it tomorrow morning. It’s James Brown’s new haircare range. He’s one of the most sought after British stylists and who has he chosen to collaborate with? His best bud, ex-flatmate and muse, Kate Moss. I can't wait to try them out! I’ve also been told about a new mineral cosmetics brand from Australia - Inika. Not only are their products made from minerals with no parabens, talc or fragrance but they’re also 100% Vegan. Want to give those a go too.

It's been a good week for me with my goodies but a bad week for... you guessed it - Miss Britney Spears. She's now only allowed to see her kids in the presence of a social worker. I've completely lost faith in her turning her life around. I still really hope she does but she just doesn't even seem to be trying... in any way... at all!! When I got back from holiday friends of Amy Winehouse said she was coming round to their way of thinking but this actually seems to be untrue. She's missing the first couple of dates on her November tour to be by his side in court.
But back to normality… for Mumma B’s birthday (which falls in the middle of our family holiday so is always tricky to for packing) I gave her some L’Occitane Elixir from Immortelle. It’s supposed to show results in one month so I’m going to go and prod at her face this weekend.
I’m loving the You’re Bluffing by Benefit. It really works. This really was a decadent buy because I don’t suffer too badly from patchy skin. I do always get redness around my nose and this works like a dream. It also comes in (typically) great packaging too. Some Kind-a Gorgeous is fabulous. I am less keen on the packaging with this one. It’s pretty clunky and plasticy – but luckily what’s inside is worth the £19.50 you pay. These were my welcome home from holiday treats. But then I get an email telling me about their new product Cupids Bow. Not only is it a lip liner with two shades but there’s also a brush and sponge all in one. I must resist I must resist… well I’ll try really hard to resist.
My final hurrah on the spending front was a trip to Topshop last Thursday night. I finally succumbed and bought a pair of skinny jeans. They do not look good but I'm determined to tone the thighs. They have become my aim. I also bought a jumper from the new Kate Moss range (Kate Moss again!). Which is really gorgeous. Worth a look in - if you can face it.
I’m getting excited about seeing Ani Difranco in a couple of weeks time at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I am taking Mr J though so am slightly concerned about how he’ll handle it. Not content with spending my salary on products I bought some mugs from the Righteous Babe website. The best thing for a cup of tea. I’m going to use it for my lunch time soup. I’m desperately trying to shed a few pounds but have no will power whatsoever so keep cheating. I’m trying to do exercises in the morning, and not eat carbs after 5 but then naughty Miss K tempted me into getting a bagel from breakfast. The aforementioned lack of will power ever present I had Pastrami, cream cheese and pickles. Full fat cream cheese obviously. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.
Miss F is still in Australia. It’s very strange without her – watching Grey’s Anatomy is just not the same surrounded by boys with no ally. She’ll home soon though and then I get to watch them all over again thanks to the wonder of the Sky+ box. Speaking of which it’s 10.30 on Thursday – time for some McDreamy. It's sooooo good xx

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