Monday 27 August 2007


Right - I know how this is going to sound and there's nothing I can do about it. You are going to have to bear with me. This is going to sound like Carrie Bradshaw but I can't help it... it is also nothing to do with beauty... well it is in a way. I was on my way back from a lovely supper courtesy of Miss W and Mr E. I had been confined to the bus due to poverty and whilst sitting on the 148 from Elephant and Castle (possibly somewhat inebriated...) we crossed Westminster Bridge. I looked out at the Houses of Parliament all lit up in their architectural wonder. Nessum Dorma sung by Pavarotti came on my i-pod. To be listening to such a moving song (especially in light of Pavarotti's declining health) and the view was one from postcards. As we went past Big Ben I looked up to see that it was exactly midnight on the dot. You couldn't have timed it - the song, the view, the time.

It's theses little bits of London that renew my faith in the city which seems to be more and more consumed by crime and political ineptitude. When ever you are feeling fed up with the city I recommend a night bus (the 14 is another great one) for a slow glimpse of a city in which the majority of us spend our time rushing about. xx


  1. London is beautiful at night, it is so peaceful and almost scenic. However I cannot stand nightbuses because they take forever and seem to be full of drunken louts making a nuisance of themselves.

  2. I know - you definately have to be in the right frame of mind for the nightbus. Luckily I was slightly inebriated and sitting downstairs so immune to the louts and time problems. xx


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