Wednesday 14 February 2007

Whats in Your Make-Up Bag?

This month I pestered Miss M until she relented and let me have a peek at her make-up bag. What Benefit Hoolacan she not leave the house without?Clarins Eclat Minute
  • Almay Skin Stays Clean Foundation
  • Hoola Bronzer by Benefit
  • Natural Collection's Juicy Lips
  • Lancome Black Eyeliner
  • Clarins Eclat Minute
  • Natural Collection Cover up Stick
  • Maybelline Turbo Black Volume Express Mascara
I love this because there's not a lot but if you left the house with no make-up and needed to make yourself look fabulous this would cover everything.


  1. sounds great! if you don't mind me asking how much did you splurge in the end?

    Jen x

  2. It was great but I eventually parted with £58. It's a lot of money but to be honest the only thing I wouldn't have got in hindsight is the eyeliner which I really didn't need... mind you I would definitely have got the Airbrush concealer instead so would have parted with the same amount! The 15 minute facial and the clarifying lotion have been AMAZING - they've made a really noticable difference so I am feeling less remorseful than I would have thought xx


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