Thursday 21 July 2022

Naturismo Starter Kits

Naturismo is one of my favourite places to shop for beauty products. Not necessarily for saving money but because they've taken the hard work out of choosing ethical products - they have really great brands, articles and ideas to help you choose which products will work best for you and their monthly discovery box is the best of the monthly 'subscription' boxes available. 

And now they've put together these starter kits which are a fantastic way to start 

They target a specific skin topic - hydrate, glow, purify - there's even one to help you sleep and to support new mums. 

Each kit is £18 (worth lots more) and is a great way to try out products that you may not want to spend the full whack on without trying first. They would also make lovely gifts for friends. 

Naturismo Glow Starter Kit


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