Wednesday 16 March 2022

Too Faced Let's Play Doll Sized Palette

I love these 'doll sized' palettes. I thought I wouldn't but I bloody do. I chose this one as its got colours I don't have similar too and would suit my green eyes but I think I'd happily get the set. 

Too Faced Let's Play Mini Palette
Yes I feel about 20 years older than whoever this palette was designed for but I don't care there's so much I really like about it. 

Firstly, it's small and the tin means it's droppable, probably, but travels well and they have a good sized mirror in them i.e. a mirror that takes up most of the lid and is useable. 
Too Faced Let's Play Palette Colours

When it comes to the colours I really like that it has an even mix of mattes and shimmers, the textures are great and though you get some kick up in the pan this does not translate into drop down. The colour pay off is great and I really like the textures of these shadows. 

Too Faced Let's Play Colour Swatch

I find this palette really wearable - would suit green and blue eyes and the colours blend well together. There's a lot you can do with a small palette. They call it doll-sized but it's not teeny tiny - I went to stay in London overnight and popped this in my handbag with a mascara and my base products and it didn't take up space or weigh much. 

Too Faced Let's Play Palette Looks

If you want to see this palette in action then I'm on Instagram, YouTube & TikTok sharing videos regularly. You can also come and ask questions and request tutorials in my Facebook group.

You can check out the Too Faced Let's Play Doll Sized Palette here


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