Thursday 4 March 2021

MAC Eye Kohls - LMB Cult 60



Why I think you should know about it? - great consistency and colour options

Best Bits - the three pictured here I buy again, and again and again - Teddy (brown and gold), Powersurge (bronze) & Smoulder (black). Apart from Smoulder I've yet to find dupes for these and these colours are unbeatable. 

Pros - not only beautiful liners these work all over the lid on their own or as a long lasting base. Yes kohls move a bit but these move a lot less than a lot of kohls I've used. 

Cons - not cruelty-free and not looking like they will change that any time soon

Who's it for? - anyone who loves a liner that can be a bit smokey or smudgy. 

Where to get it - Look Fantastic, John Lewis

These products are in no order. 

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