Tuesday 10 November 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Home & Garden

These are my top picks for home and garden, as the name suggests. I've tried to keep things to small businesses and things that are easily posted as Christmas is going to be a little unusual this year. But then there's a few things that you may want to just get for yourself because... 2020. 

  • Beeswax Wraps - I loved this company when it launched and I love it still. Such an easy plastic swap and you can get beeswax bars to freshen up your old wraps. I have loads myself but these little ones look great and if you were making little presents for friends one of these, a LimeLife eye liner and a Spacemask would be perfect. 
  • Becky Bettesworth - I love these vintage-style prints and that this small business has become such a success. I have two of these in on my office wall and I adore them. 
  • Flower_frog
    Flower frogs - flower lovers, this is the gift you didn't know you needed makes cut flowers stand up in a vase and flower arranging so much less annoying. Makes a great house gift or stocking filler, I love mine. 
  • Quilt - this has, I think, made it onto my Christmas wishlist for the last three years . I'm fairly sure that it would be destroyed by the dogs or children within a week but they just look so incredible. 
  • Martha and Lily - beautiful prints that are lovely to send to friends. Choose from one of her designs or she can do something just for you. 
  • Bird feeder - I really like the look of these on-the-window bird feeders and think the boys would love them on their bedroom windows so these might be a great present for godchildren.  You can get a house shape or a round one. I think I like the round one... 
  • Red Face Prints - these are great prints, reasonably priced and a bonus if you get one relevant to the person you need to get a present for. 
  • LimeLife_walk_in_the_woods_candle
    Desert Bloom Passive Diffuser - I love my diffusers but wondering if I can justify just one more as I love the design of this one from Doterra. This one is small and you don't plug it in so it's great for desks, bedside and dressing tables.  
  • Vases - these are just lovely, would suit anyones house so are a lovely house gift or present for the person who has everything or a keep gardener. I also love these ones
  • Rose Gold Candle Holders - hygge is all the rage and this year we need it even more because we are stuck in our houses. These are just lovely all year round. 
  • YuYu Bottle - Harriet from Spacemasks and I drank champagne and then she insisted that, as someone who works from home, I needed one of these bottles. Who was I to argue? And I have to say I love it. I tie it round me like a belt and it works wonders. Would also work a treat for period pains. 
  • Walk in the Woods candle - this is my favourite smell, this might even top Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin for me. Might. I love the candle holder and have them dotted around my house holding lipsticks, pens and spare change. 

Make a cup of tea and have a look at these websites:

  • Blue Bowl - gifts for everyone, its my first place to shop for presents
  • George Whitstable - from Christmas decorations to jigsaw puzzles 
  • Nkuku - has some lovely homeware bits and suits a lot of price points
  • Sous Chef - the ultimate place for foodie presents
  • The Kind Store - eco and unusual and something at every price point. 


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