Friday 2 October 2020

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel - LMB Cult 60 Products

Why I think you should know about it?
 - my ride or die cleanser, this one suits the majority of skin types and works well at either end of the day. 

Best Bits - a cruelty-free UK company this is a hit of antioxidants for your face. A lovely gel like formula this works even on the most sensitive skins. 

Pros - fantastic blend of ingredients, the only cleanser you need (if you are only after one cleanser), UK brand, antioxidant and radiance boosting. Removes all makeup and sunscreen without irritating the skin. 

Cons - I don't love the packaging as I feel like brands need to be moving towards something more sustainable. That being said it's one of the few products that I've bought religiously since I started using it and I have never had a faulty one. 

Who's it for? - everyone except those with really oily or really active acnaic skin - even then it would probably work but wouldn't target the problems. If you have sensitivity this is definitely worth a try. 

Where to get it -  OskiaCult Beauty, Space NK, Beauty Bay, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic 

Read my full review here

                                                        These products are in no order. 

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