Tuesday 18 August 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Duo Liner

 I'm a bit obsessed with eye liners, you may have noticed, and couldn't resist trying these as soon as they came out. I went for Mesmerising Maroon and Copper Charge as they are the ones most likely to suit my green eyes, and the blue and green versions have pretty much been sold out ever since! 

As with most of CT's eye makeup these are designed to flatter certain eye colours and I love a coloured liner to bring out your eye colour without looking too full-on. Also they are great for adding a bit of colour for glasses wearers and those with hooded lids. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Duo Liner

Liners can be tricky though - you need them to glide on, pulling makes it difficult to get an even line, especially on older lids, and more often than not they don't last the day. No such problem with these, they go on beautifully and last really well. Though I prefer the maroon I'm really impressed with the copper which I thought would be too meh to really show up but the matte is a beautiful warm brown. A really unusual colour. 

These are fab, worth the money, sharpen well, easy to put on and stunning colours. Would love to see these individually as well as the duos. 

What You Need to Know - Charlotte Tilbury Duo Liner


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