Wednesday 10 April 2019

Natural Deodorant Co.

Natural deodorants, I have tried loads. They never work on me, it's not that I sweat particularly profusely, they just don't quite seem to do the job. I'd transferred my eco ideas somewhere else as I was just wasting money on products that weren't working. But somewhere I saw the Natural Deodorant Co. recommended and I went to have a look at their website, as you do. Cleverly they sold sample pots and their choice of smells appealed to me so I ordered some sample pots - Orange and Bergamot, Coriander and Lime active and then at the last minute I added a sample of the men's deodorant. The sample pots were £2.50 each.

Natural Deodorant Company for Men and Active Deodorant

Now my husband sweats, and smells, there is no delicate way to put it. I make him carry deodorant in his work bag, it's something about using his brain, it's not that he's particularly active. Literally the more he thinks the more he smells. It's not ideal. Especially as I'm his wife and I work in the beauty industry I feel it is a problem I should be able to help him solve.

The samples arrived. Good sized pots that would last you a couple of weeks if you use it sparingly and you actually don't need that much at all. Get a bit on your fingertips and cover the whole armpit area, you don't need a thick covering at all. Just make sure the whole area is covered. I made Joe put some of his on, he had a big presentation so I double checked the bag for his usual aerosol and reminded him to check before he went in.

He didn't smell. At all. I put my face into his armpit. It's witchcraft. I have no idea what's going on. And it wasn't a one off. It is absolutely incredible. I mean life-changeingly incredible because washing shirts is less of a problem. It was so good that after day three I was ordering full size pots (only £11 for 55g) - the mens deodorant for Joe and the Orange and Bergamot for me.

They arrived a couple of days later - sadly I couldn't order directly from the website because they are moving to a bigger premises (which is a good sign) but you can now pre-order there - in lovely glass jars. I am blown away. In the 13 years I've been writing this blog and testing products I have had this reaction to only a handful of products.

At the moment I'm struggling to think of a reason why everyone shouldn't buy this.

What You Need to Know - The Natural Deodorant Co. 

  • £2.50 (5g), £6 (20g), £11 (55g)
  • 14 to choose from including gentle, means and active ranges. 
  • contains magnesium and sodium bicarbonate
  • Vegan, leaping bunny certified
  • Available through The Natural Deodorant Co.,  Glasshouse 
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