Wednesday 22 February 2017

Lancome Artliner

Lancome Black ArtlinerI try and be organised and do have a sort-of system to make sure that new products are photographed, tested and reviewed in a certain order. I'm pretty good at it by now and it's rare that things fall through the net, but some do and when this happens it always ends up being a great product. I think that's because they just get so easily absorbed into my make-up routine that it doesn't cross my mind that they couldn't have been on the blog.

So it was with the Lancome Art Liner which I have been using on and off for years and which I see has never been reviewed here. This liner has become one of my go to products, I bought it, tried it and it did exactly what it needed to. So it has been cruelly neglected.

In some ways it's hard to fault this liner. Lovely and black and though not a matte finish it's not particularly shiny either. It's incredibly long-lasting and wears well. It's not difficult to remove either despite its good colour payoff. If you are a someone who regularly does a flick liner this is a great one to try. it will stay put and the lovely tip makes it really easy to use. Once you get the hang of it then this is a really quick way to get a precise line.
The tip is foam and a great length - gives enough freedom and movement to get precision but not too long that you lose a bit of the control. It also makes it very easy to build up to the thickness you want. It picks up a good amount of product too so you are not having to go back to fill in gaps. The packaging is nice, easy to use and keeps the product from drying out - this liner should last a while.

My only problem with this is the price - full price is £23 which is a lot to pay for a felt tip liner when there are other cheaper ones on the market, though arguably of less good quality. It's nearest equivalent for longevity and colour is the Make Up For Ever Ink liner which is £17 for 3.5ml so quite a lot cheaper (and with a stubbier tip than this). Though I would say that the MUFE Ink Liner is a lot less forgiving and drys very quickly so not one to use if you lack confidence with liner. Sadly neither of these brands are cruelty free. I do keep going back to it but when I find a cruelty free equivalent I shall be making the switch.

What You Need to Know - Lancome Artliner
  • £19.50-£23
  • 1.4ml
  • 3 colours - black, brown and blue. Other limited edition colours are sometimes added
  • Available from Look Fantastic, Debenhams,
  • As far as I know Lancome tests on animals.

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