Wednesday 5 October 2016

Lola Eye Base

Lola Eye BaseWhat I love is when I'm given something to try out and it actually works. I've used a lot of eye primers, some are good, some aren't. The Lola Eye Base is a really good one. Reasonably priced, available on the high street (well M&S) and does everything it says it will.

This primer has a really nice smooth texture and is easy to use. I apply it with my fingers, you can use a brush if you want. The beige colour will even out paler skin tones and provide a great base to make colours brighter. It looks very yellow in the pot. It's not. It will prevent any creasing and would work really well on oily lids. When you first apply it it's slightly sticky, then creamy - so you do need to leave it 30 seconds or so before applying your eye shadow.

I have noticed that this increases the longevity of my eye make-up - I look generally less grungy by the end of the day. You get a good amount of product and £12 is a pretty reasonable price tag and a little of this goes a long way. I was concerned that this would dry out with the amount of product you need to use vs the amount in the pot but I haven't had that problem so far (as mentioned below!) 

If I have one fault with this its the pot it comes in. You have to either apply it with a brush of have very short fingernails. I do neither so spend quite a lot of time scraping it out from under my nails. However, I've had this open for over 6 months and it hasn't dried out at all which is great, and probably means the pot is doing its job. Which is good. And more important than my nails.

Confusingly there is a version available in the US. Now I think that this is a completely different brand and therefore a completely different product. This version doesn't have any good reviews and I haven't tried it... 

What You Need to Know - Lola Eye Base


  1. Thanks for the great review! Yes the US brand is different we are only currently in the U.K. &

    1. Thanks for giving me one to try out. It fitted so easily into my routine that I completely forgot to review it. Such a great product

  2. Is it dupe for Mac's paint pot?? Do u have to apply powder or anything on this??like the other primer products?

    1. Consistency-wise it's very similar to the paint pots and you could wear this on it's own but it's very yellow so I'm not sure you'd want to. If you want a nude eye though this with a tiny amount of the right colour powder over the top would be great

  3. Wow! It seems a nice product. Would definitely want to get my hands on it.


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