Monday 12 September 2016

CLOSED: LMB Turns 10 - September Giveaway

A bit late this month because I was on holiday and completely forgot to organise anything before I went. Two kid and two dogs will do terrible things to your memory.

Two fantastic prizes this month. The first is the now cult Phyto 7 from Phyto Paris. This is a classic french pharmacy purchase from back in the day but now you can get it at lots of places online (it is to hair what Bioderma is for faces). For fine hair it's hard to find truly nourishing treatments that don't weigh it down and it's even rarer to find a really good treatment you can use on dry hair. This is it.

It's genuinely all you really need, treatment-wise for your hair. Most of us have products that we really like for volumising, nourishing etc but if I was told I could only have one treatment product for my hair this would be it. You can use it on dry hair to add moisture and revive it without it looking greasy (don't apply to the roots just the ends) or you can use it like a leave-in conditioner. It smells great, and it's silicone free so incredibly lightweight. Very good for those who's hair tends to frizz.

There will be a quick review for this coming up later in the month but for now here's my original review of it from 2012.

The next prize is the Urban Decay Illuminating balm which helps to minimise pores and wrinkles and is oil-free so great for those with a more oily skin. A fantastic skin perfector.

To be in with a chance of winning just follow me on YouTube and leave me a comment letting me know your YouTube username. I will pick a winner on 27th September 2016


  1. I think my Youtube is Isabel O'Brien or izzieuk? But you can tweet me on my blog twitter @yyesidolikecake :)

    Huge congratulations, to have stuck at it this long and built it up like this is a real achievement. :)

  2. Subscribed as Yesenia Solis
    Reetweet @yesennia3432 thank you love to try these amazing products

    1. hi Yesenia - congratulations you are the winner. If you email me your address I will put these in the post to you asap x

  3. I think my hair needs this magic Phyto 7 stuff, would love to enter again this month. My Youtube username is Katy Bednarz :)

  4. Pool yes please! You tube name is Alexandra Hurst.
    Need as much help as I can get!!

  5. Definitely need these. Subscribed as Sally Baird.
    10 years is a great milestone!


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