Wednesday 10 August 2016

This Works In Transit Camera Close-up

I've been using This Works In Transit Camera Close-up for months and yet still undecided on whether I love this product or just don't really need it. I've heard great things about it and I can see that it would be a great moisturiser to have in a pro-kit but there is something a bit lacking for me. Maybe it makes to many claims. It promises a greatness that is very hard for any cream to live up to.

This Works In Transit Camera Close-upThis is a mask, moisturiser and primer in one. It is absolutely fine as a moisturiser and very nice under make-up so I suppose in a way it's a primer. I haven't noticed any effect on the longevity of my make-up. If you have very dry skin this isn't going to do much moisturising for you. But it's also quite hard to find a good moisturiser for the mornings. You can use this over an oil, or under an SPF. It's quickly absorbed, hence why it's so nice under make-up. Do wait for it to be fully absorbed first thought - about 10 minutes.

A lot of people seem to find that this reduces the appearance of fine lines. I have not noticed this but I actively avoid noticing anything to do with my fine lines. And I just don't see how it's a mask. Suggestions welcome.

I would say that this would be a good product if you are going away and want to take hand luggage or are able to pack a small wash bag. I'm not though I find myself imagining that maybe I'll just be taking this with me to France in a couple of weeks. This and some SPF. And my Environ AVST 2 moisturiser. I did originally buy the This Works In Transit Camera Close-up to take in my hospital bag when I went to have Jim - it did the job then.
As with the product itself I love and hate the packaging. The pump action delivers a great amount of product and the fact that it is stored on it's top means that gravity is on your side. However you won't be able to open this to get the last bits of product out and the fact that it's a pump bottle means you must lose a lot of product once it's beyond the reach of the pump.

At no point have I used it and thought 'wow'. I have, however, had a flair up, or not known what moisturiser to use in the morning and thought 'ahhh In-Transit will do the trick' and I don't know when this runs out what will replace that. I may end up buying this all over again even though it's not blowing me away.

This is review is like my opinion really, a bit all over the place.

What You Need to Know - This Works In-Transit
  • £30
  • 40ml 
  • Part of the This Works In-Transit range
  • Contains alcohol
  • Available from This Works, Boots, Space NK
  • This Works are a cruelty free brand

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