Wednesday 17 February 2016

L'Oreal Professional Volume Architect

How my quest for more volume has not got me here sooner I do not know. The only other product that comes close to this is another L'Oreal Professional product, Horizon Fix, in fact I'm struggling to think of one I've tried that hasn't done exactly what it's supposed to.

L'Oreal Professional Volume ArchitectL'Oreal Professional Volume Architect is easy to use, easy to travel with and not unreasonably priced. Most importantly it works. You don't have to trust me. When checking it out on Feel Unique I noticed that it has 50 five star reviews. That's pretty impressive 

For a long time I've believed that the only way to boost your roots is with a mousse but they inevitably leave your hair feeling a bit crusty and one you've brushed it through it disappears (except the aforementioned Horizon Fix). Not so with this which I spritz through the roots and mid-lengths and then either dry with my round brush as normal or rough dry and sleep on it a bit damp and wake up with the best kind of bed-hair. The kind that those of us with fine hair can only dream of. Yes it doesn't get to Dolly Parton levels but it sorts gives enough oompf that you are not constantly shocked when you see yourself in a mirror with terrible '60s hippy hair' as my mother would say.

Smells nice but not of anything too much and has a really handy lock on the spray so it's great for travel. Straight onto the automatic re-buy list.

What You Need to Know - L'Oreal Professional Volume Architect
  • £13.50
  • 150ml
  • To thicken and texturise
  • Spray into the roots and then mist over the rest of the hair before drying. 
  • Available in the UK from Feel Unique

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