Friday 1 January 2016

January Giveaway 2015 (Now closed)

Right, it's here, it's time. I'm hoping that you will see a video below but I have been struck down with such horrendous manflu I can't imagine subjecting you all to the sound of my voice!

To have consistency and to make it a bit easier on me (last time I did a giveaway I had to put all the correct answers into a random list generator and it nearly drove me to drink) I'm using Rafflecopter for all of these giveaways. It's my first time of using it so please be patient. I'm choosing winners from those entrants who are following the blog and the YouTube channel. 

It seems only right that I should start the giveaway with the product that inspired it - Make a Difference + from Origins. I love this cream so much I think it is one of the few products that I have consistentely rebought over the last decade of blogging, I even got some in my stocking at Christmas. It is thick but easily absorbed, non-greasy and I adore the smell, fresh and wholesome. I was originally in love with the Make a Difference cream and have come to love this one just as much (see my review from 2012 here). I will be talking about this more as the month goes on. If you have dry skin this is fantastic - even if you don't this cream should work for most people though if you have oily skin it may not. I'm not sure. We are just getting started though so if you don't want to enter this month there will be something for you coming up.

I've also included the NYX Wonderstick. A more recent addition to my automatic rebuy list but one that I don't see being topped anytime soon. I have chosen the Universal colour in the hopes that it will suit the majority of people, the only downside to this product is the very limited range of shades but I'm hoping NYX will fix that. I use this daily to add a bit of shape to my face and I've even started using the hightligher even though that's usually not my thing. It's hard to find really good, reasonably priced cream contour/highlight products and this is one of them. I have already done a quick review of this so you can see it in action.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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