Wednesday 26 August 2015

Soap and Glory The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser

Soap and Glory The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser
I was a bit unmoved by this when I was first using it. It had a lot of things that were good about it but it didn't set my world on fire. That is until 90% of my skincare products started to set my face fire post the birth of my second baby. Then all my trusted products turned me to a burning tomato.

I'm hoping this is temporary but until then how was I supposed to clean my face? Well I went to go old Clarins - the saviour of many an allergic reaction or sensitive bout. £25 later and I was burning again. Not as bad but still definitely burning. Then I realised - there was one cleanser that wasn't having this disastrous affect on my skin and that was The Ultimelt from Soap & Glory. I used it again. No burning. No redness. No despair.

So why didn't I originally rave about this?
Well, it's just not that exciting. It doesn't smell of much, it looks a bit like toothpaste and though it feels ok when you rub it into your skin and it gets all your make-up off it's not show stopping when you try as many products out as I do. And that's where I was wrong. WRONG. These are actually reasons why this is a great cleanser. Available on the high street (Boots), reasonably priced (£10) and with nothing fancy schmancy in it. This cleanser is not only a great alternative to the higher end balm or  oil cleansers that we always rave about but is great for those who suffer with sensitivity.

Rub onto your face for two mins - you can scrub it over your eye lids to get rid of mascara. I don't wear contacts so I don't know how it is with those, but I'm guessing you'll know to be gentle if you do. Then rinse off with a warm flannel. There is a muslin enclosed in the pack (making the price even more reasonable) but I prefer to use a flannel. For those who like a muslin, you're in luck. It removes make-up well. If you wear a lot of eye make-up then you may want to use a micellar water or eye make-up remover first., but it should do the trick on it's own.

I would say that after a week of using this and Bioderma as my only cleansers my skin is definitely not as smooth and glowy as usual. But it's not a seering red mess either. It doesn't have the lovely moisturising effect of a lot of the oil and balm cleansers I have loved using over the years.  But with the skincare boom and increasingly complex development of a lot of cleansers it is nice to have something more basic for those of us who need it. 

What you need to know - The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Cleanser
  • £10
  • 100ml
  • Comes with it's own cloth
  • Contains Sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter oil, clary sage oil and Pro Vitamin B5
  • Paraban free
  • Available in the UK from Boots
  • Soap and Glory is a cruelty free brand with some vegan friendly products

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