Wednesday 20 May 2015

Cowshed Grumpy Cow Shampoo and Conditioner

Cowshed Grumpy Cow Volumising Shampoo
There are very few products that I am completely evangelical about after just one use but the Cowshed Grumpy Cow Shampoo and Conditioner gave me such a eureka moment I've had trouble not reviewing them before my designated 1 month trial time.

It's been a month - I'm still obsessed. In a slightly weird way where I look forward to washing my hair (surely the second most boring thing next to drying your hair). The great results haven't lessened with use and even when I mess up the styling (too much/not enough root booster etc) the hair itself looks and feels so much better. I had almost given up hope of finding a volumising shampoo and conditioner that would make the slightest bit of difference to my fine hair. But this is it.
Grumpy Cow Volumising Conditioner

I was initially surprised as to why I hadn't heard great things about this shampoo/conditioner before - Sam Chapman recommended them to me - and then I checked out the Cowshed website and boy do they not do themselves any favours. If I made this shampoo I would be singing it from the rooftops. But a very basic description awaits and only three ingredients mentioned. Nowhere does it say that it is sulphate and silicone free which I'm sure is what makes this so fantastic. In terms of volume this isn't going to make your hair like something from Working Girl it would be good if it did but I'm in love with it anyway. Because it is free from silicone and sulphate it doesn't weigh your hair down meaning it has a chance to be naturally sleek and voluminous.

There is no frizz. None. Not even a hint of it. The price of this isn't ideal but it's worth it and though you do need quite a lot of the conditioner if you have mid-to-long-hair, a little of the shampoo goes a long way. It does contain essential oils so if you are not into that then this is not something for you to try.

I re-buy the shampoo over and over and have to confess that I use cheap conditioners that they do the same, if not better job as this one. But the shampoo, wow.

What You Need to Know - Cowshed Grumpy Cow Shampoo and Conditioner

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