Wednesday 31 July 2013

Premae Harmony Balm - Product of the Week

When I get sample sizes of things I usually put them in my make-up or wash bag to use when I'm away from home. That way they don't take up too much space and I get to try that one thing out for a continued period of time rather than trying out lots of different things at once. Premae's Harmony Balm was in my washbag for a recent visit to Norfolk and was the only facial moisturiser I took with me.

It is not only a lovely moisturiser but a fantastic primer for make-up or perfect if you are going for bare skin reducing oil and redness and giving a really silky finish. I was surprised how in love with this I was. When my spending ban is over I shall definitely be buying a full sized version of this.

1 comment

  1. Wow! Thankyou for the lovely review Premae Harmony Creme Balm, i really appreciate you!


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