Tuesday 18 June 2013


The 11th June saw the launch of a new second chance charity founded by Liz Earle, broadcaster, entrepreneur and founder of the Liz Earle Beauty Co. LiveTwice works with disadvantaged people of all ages, giving funding to community centers in areas of social need as well as respite home-from-home for children with disabilities in a rural Dorset community. The main aim of LiveTwice is offer practical skills training and support to those who need it, giving real and practical help to those who've taken a wrong turn in life. 100% of the supporters donations go directly to these projects with the admin and running costs coming directly from the founders funding.

Donors can contribute to a specific project or place that interests them so they know where and how their money is being used. Liz says ‘LiveTwice already does a lot and there is a lot to do!  Over the years, my research and filming travels have taken me to people and places far and wide who are in desperate need of a helping hand.  LiveTwice provides just that-with a hand-up, not just a hand out.’ 

Liz Earle at the launch of Liz Earle’s charity, LiveTwice at the Light Gallery, Mayfair. For more information please visit http://www.livetwice.org/

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