Monday 20 May 2013

Dior Gel Top Coat

Dior Gel Top CoatRegular readers of this blog will know that I find it hard to properly review nail varnish because I always chip it. It's definitely me and not the products - though some of them are clearly worse than others - but I've worn varnishes that have been guaranteed to be chip-proof and they've lasted two days. I think its a combination of the way I apply it and the fact that I hold no mercy once it's on. I type using the end of my nails and cook for hours in the evenings which seems to result in a few bald patches by the end of the night. Nail varnish does last a bit longer for me if I have it applied professionally so I do try and take a colour to a professional to get it put on before I review it - it seems unfair to rate a product on my shoddy workwomanship.

There are some top coats that I know are better than others but whether they will ever get a look in after trying Dior's new Gel Top Coat is doubtful. Not only does this give a lovely, almost plastic-looking thick, curved, finish but even I had fewer chips and holes than usual. Even when they do get holes in them the rest of the nail still looks as shiny as when you first applied it - the wearing off of the shine from a topcoat is something I find particularly annoying. Next time I can afford it I'm going to take this for a professional manicure and see how long my nails last.

This looks stunning - an absolute must for all nail fetishists and a fantastic present for a friend who always has her nails done. Not cheap at £18 but for the professional finish it gives think of the money you'll save on reapplication and manicures!

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