Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Em-J Company

Since becoming a full time makeup artist I've found it quite hard to track down really nice, professional size and quality tool wraps and bags. There are shops like PAM, Charles Fox, Cocktail Cosmetics and Guru (all of which I love) but they sometimes don't have what I want and a suitably sized brush wrap was impossible to find.

Brush roll
Thank goodness then for EMJ - beautiful, professional quality products for makeup artists, hair stylists and other creatives. When I found the website I went a little crazy and immediately ordered a roll-up mat and a classic tool roll. Then for my birthday I asked my sister for the Jimany Cricket set bag and then all my prayers were answered and they started producing brush rolls.

There are many different designs available - for the most part I really like the plain black, faux leather, classic look. The roll-up mat (£17) is incredibly useful if you are used to having to set up and work wherever you can. Easily cleanable with wipes or water you can unroll this mat and lay your makeup out so that everything is accessible and you don't have to worry about getting spills on carpets or table tops. The tool roll (£15) is great for storing all those annoying bits and pieces that end up in the bottom of your bag - mascaras, disposables, polos, scissors - and it rolls up so neatly it doesn't take up too much room in your kit.

Jimany Cricket set bag
The new brush rolls are pretty spectacular. I originally ordered the deluxe brush wrap (£58), as I wanted as much room as possible, and it is gorgeous and perfect for professional makeup artists. However, a bit too big for me when often I work with my brushes loose in a pot or in my set bag. It has room for 50 brushes and has lots of pockets for other tools and essentials. I exchanged it for the classic brush wrap (£38) which holds 26 brushes. Both are easy to clean and look fabulous - I only wish they had the same ties on them as the other rolls and mats. I'm so glad I didn't settle for any of the other wraps I've found.

My favourite product of theirs (that I've tried) is my Jimany Cricket set bag (£40). Although I usually go for the classic black I'm a real sucker for green and there's no missing this bag - I'll know it's mine and with set bags its best to get them either clear or coloured so you can see things in it... nothing worse than rummaging around in the bottom of a black hole trying to find that illusive eyeliner you just dropped. Its a great size - big enough to fit things in but small enough that you don't get tempted to over pack it and make it too heavy. It has fantastic pockets on the outside in different sizes and a zip top that you can open completely for easy access. With long handles so you can hang it up when necessary and made from oil cloth it's easy to keep clean. I love it more every time I see it.

These products are incredibly well thought out, well made, fun and practical and EMJ will be my first port of call when I need any new wraps and rolls. I really hope that they start making brush storage pots.. there are so few available and at ridiculous prices - we are crying out for an EMJ one.

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