Tuesday 21 August 2012

Maybelline BB Cream

Regular readers will know how I feel about BB creams (to summarise they are pretty good as a cheap tinted moisturiser/light foundation but they do not get rid of blemishes or having any of the attributes of the original Asian BB creams...) but I still use them pretty much most days because there are just so many on the market that I want to try them all to see if I can find the perfect alternative to a more expensive tinted moisturiser, especially when it's hot and I don't really want to be wearing anything on my skin at all.

A lot of the BB creams I've tried have been ok but I've found one that I love and have been wearing everyday and will definitely be coming on holiday with me (and to the hospital when I have the baby). For me the new Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream knocks all of the others out of the competition. It's a reasonable £7.99 for 30ml and rather than focusing on the the 'blemish' in BB it offers an 8 promises that I actually agree with. Imperfections look blurred (yes they do but the coverage is light enough that my freckles still mostly show through), a natural looking glow (very natural but not too glowy like the Garnier one), fresh feel (yes), compliments skin tone (well I've so far only tried the Light on me but it does match well), skin looks smooth (yes), hydrates (not the most hydrating by definitely not drying), protects with SPF 30 (which is the minimum I want on my face in the summer), oil free and non-greasy (incredibly smooth and light).

OK so only a few of those really match the whole BB ethos and the others are just positive attributes but I'd rather that to a massive lie about how it's going to sort my skin out. It's smooth, light finish is what really does it for me. My red patches are covered pretty well but it doesn't feel heavy and is quick to apply. If you go onto their website now you can order a free sample so you can try it for yourself.

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