Wednesday 18 January 2012

Charles Worthington Hair Repair

Charles Worthington Hair Repair Kit
Charles Worthing Salon at Home Strength and Repair Kit
DIY hair treatments are a necessity in these financially difficult times and Charles Worthington have come up with the Salon at Home range which includes a fantastic, affordable, solution to damaged hair. I've raved about Ojon products before now and although they do work and are environmentally ethical they are not exactly money saving so I've been on the hunt for something to help my damaged hair, at home, that isn't going to break the bank.

Charles Worthington's Strength and Repair Hair Repair Kit is a three part treatment that you can use once a week and really does make a difference. It contains oils which penetrate the hair, smoothing it and making it less prone to damage. It's only available at Boots and is £19.99 - not so cheap you may be thinking but you get three treatments with this and as you only use it once a week it should last you some time.

Step 1 is the Hair Repair oil. You work the oil into your hair with your hands, avoiding the roots if you have fine hair, you really don't need too much of this oil at all. Then you put on the plastic bath hat provided and then read a magazine or something for 10 minutes. Gently rinse it out with warm water and move on to...

Step 2 the Strength and Repair Shampoo which you use as you would your usual shampoo.

Step 3 is the Intensive Hair Repair masque. Squeeze out any excess water and then cover your hair with this cream masque. You leave this on for five minutes so either put a towel round your shoulders and put your feet up or dangle upside down... which is what I do. Make sure you thoroughly rinse it out and then style as normal.

OK so I would rather not having to wander around with a bath hat on for ten minutes or dangle my head upside down for another five but it's only once a week and it really works and is a much more reasonably priced option than anything else I've found so far. Really pleased I tried this xx

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