Friday 25 November 2011

Stippling Brush

This is my weapon of choice for foundation application and I can't recommend it highly enough if you have more mature skin. Stippling is the action of dabbing the bristles of a brush into fresh paint to create a design - you can do this with your makeup but what's so good about these brushes is that they work the foundation right into your skin so rather than it sitting on top of lines and blemishes it blends it in making the finish more natural and is now great for high definition makeup. They are not restricted to foundations you can use them with blushers and highlighters, setting powders and blot powders so this is a great all-rounder brush to have in your collection.

MAC 187 and 188 Stippling Brushes
Mac 187 and 188
MAC do two very good stippling brushes of different sizes, both of which I have in my kit, and which they call 'duo fibre brushes'. The 187 is the larger brush for all  over the face and the 188 is smaller and better for under the eyes or those with smaller faces. They do a 130 which is a short handled version. The 187 is £34.50 though and I just think it's not as versatile as the Real Techniques equivalent. The 188 is £28 so I think unless you know you need the larger one this one would do just as well.

My absolute favourite and the one I use everyday is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Incredibly reasonably price at £10.99 available at Love Makeup - this brush stands up by itself for easy storage, has synthetic taklon brushes which makes it great to use with powders, liquids or creams and very easy to wash and my personal reason for loving it is the size. You can do your whole face with it but it's small enough that you can clean up under your eyes with it very easily too. You all know I love Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo so it should come as no surprise that this brush is designed by Sam (as are all the Real Techniques brushes) and I've posted her video below so you can see her work her magic.


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