Friday 4 June 2010

Mac Fix+ (Product 3 - Top 10 for 2010)

In May I tried out Mac Fix+ and I really liked it. It really does seem to keep my make-up on during the day and is a refreshing spritz if you are about to go out without reapplying your make-up in the evening. It also works well as a primer before applying make-up if you don't want to use a cream primer or want something that is going to do two jobs for the price of one. I love spritzing this on tired make-up or make-up that's been matted out with powder to bring life back into it.

MAC FIx+The worst thing about this is the spray mechanism. Although I like the packaging and on principle the way the spray works (you twist the top slightly in order to get the downwards action) you really don't get an even covering as you do with a more traditional spray. The best thing about this is the smell - it smells fantastic. First thing in the morning after the night before this will really perk you up and refresh you.

I really recommend this to anyone who wants a little help keeping their make-up during the day or wants something at their desk to keep their face refreshed during the day or wants to reapply their make-up in the evening. It's £11 and you only need a small amount so this is a good investment.


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