Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Book Worm

Am now back in England after two weeks of bliss in the Grenadines. Am also reunited with my whopper engagement ring which is nice (diamonds are a girls best friend). What I really loved was two weeks in the sun to do lots of reading. One book I really recommend if you are a fan of a soothing easy read is Hens Dancingby Rafaela Barker. When I went home the Wednesday before the wedding I needed something comforting to read that wouldn't tax my brain to much but would offer me a bit of an escape. Hens Dancingis a long-term favourite of mine and it was even better on about the fifth time of reading it! Highly recommended.

On the honeymoon I really love The Common Yearsby Jilly Cooper which again is lovely escapism in her usual witty style, and Whatever Happened to Margo?by Margaret Durrell. I found this whilst browsing a second hand book shop in Hammersmith whilst waiting for Miss M after work and it, again, was a really lovely read. A must for anyone who has read My Family and Other Animals (if you haven't you must it's fantastic). xx

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