Monday 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy 2009. I'm hoping it's better than 2008 (and yes I know I got engaged in 2008 but other than that I thought it pretty much sucked) but with a worldwide recession happening I think it's going to be a rather frugal year. But hey, I've decided that I've got to stop associating 'frugal' with 'not-fun'.

It's one of the most depressing days of the year. Already some people at work have been so annoying that I want to punch them and I've been here for 7 hours... Mr J and I are rewarding ourselves with an evening of pasta and big tv watching rather than the massive pile of admin that needs doing. In fact that might be one of my resolutions this year - Monday's are designated to doing nothing.
Mr J and I are also not drinking from today to 6th Feb (we have a 30th on 30th Jan so we're allowing ourselves the night off so as not to be party poopers). I'm hoping that a) this will make me feel better, make my skin better etc and b) it will go someway to combating the inevitable Christmas spread which has occurred.

Before Christmas I went to get my wedding make-up done at Laura Mercier at John Lewis on Oxford Street and one product in particular has revolutionised the way I do my make-up. I wrote in an earlier post about their hydrating foundation, prim+er and bronzer I bought on my original trip but the Caviar Eye Liner in Midnight which I purchased with the Smokey Eyeliner Brush is just amazing. It makes smokey eyes the easiest thing to do, even in the mornings when your eyes are like pinholes. In fact I'd say that my insight into their range has changed the way I do my make-up completely. The Midnight is a good colour as its not too severe and is good over the top of black eyeliner pencil if you want to do lots of smudging.

I bought some Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Gold which I haven't used yet. That is for the wedding day so I'm going to try it next time I go out somewhere... is possibly a bit OTT for work!! So what I've been using is L'Oreal's Made for Naturals Trios for Light Brunettes which was actually a reject  from my mum(she has incredibly sensitive eyes... really sensitive and this just made them weep!). These trios come with a light shade to go over the lid, a darker shade to line the lashes and some eyebrow filler. Once I've done this I add some of the Midnight eyeliner and do some smudging with the brush and it works a treat!!
Another purchase which was excellent was the Secret Brightening Powder and Camouflage Powder Brush. If you apply this to your undereyes after concealer it not only helps with a matte finish (for which you can use normal powder of course) but its so light and light reflective that you don't get clumps or lumps and it evens out the tone so there is less distinction between the undereyes and the rest of your face. If you are one of those lucky people that doesn't have massive blue patches under your eyes you probably won't need this.

Now I know that of late I've sounded a little Laura Mercier obsessed and I admit that the products aren't cheap but I have yet to be disappointed by any of them and they are easy for you to use at home. I still struggle with products from Benefit and other brands - they look fine when they are done by the professionals but not at all the same when you get home. I do treat myself to Benefit sometimes but I have vowed in 2009 that it is better to save my money and then treat myself on something more expensive but which I know I will be able to use properly. Sounds like I'm going to be having a sensible 2009!!! xx
P.S I know the links are to Laura Mercier's US site but this is so you can see the products... the price will obviously differ xx

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