Tuesday 14 October 2008

Buff Myself Beautiful

I've decided to jump in feet first and immerse myself in this whole wedding thing. Imagine my horror when flicking through a magazine I found that '6-9 months before' my wedding I'm supposed to start toning and buffing myself beautiful. I've always suffered from dry skin on the tops of my arms. Although this goes down with a lot of exfoliating they never vanish completely (people who touch my arms think I have goose bumps) so I'm determined to find something to make them go away for good. Or at least for a while.

But what about the rest of me? currently a stone and a half over weight and not in the most toned of condition I bought myself a back scrubber, a cellulite brush, a exfoliating mitt and Clarins Total Body Lift Stubborn Cellulite cream. Not only have I bought them I'm determined to use them every day (I always run out of steam after the first week or so!). I'm gearing myself up to take some before and after photo's. Possible a little daunting to air ones flaws on the Internet but how amazing would it be to find a product that actually works... and if anything will surely Clarins are the ones to make it! xx

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