Wednesday 27 August 2008

Pretty Feet

To celebrate our birthdays Miss F and I went for a Champagne Pedicure at Savana Spa in Westbourne Park. For £60 and 60 minutes you get the works all whilst sipping on a glass of champagne - what really clinched the decision for us was that you get to sit together which is actually quite a rarity! We arrived in our flip flops filled out the massive questionnaire and tried not to get too giggly. We were sat opposite each other which although was better than not sitting together at all made us feel like we were dominating the whole of the spa and talking over the tops of the pedicurists heads. Which we were. I hate to be anything other than gushingly positive about places like this because frankly I wouldn't want to be faced with dealing with someone elses feet for an hour but although this pedicure was fine it wasn't amazing and I'm pretty sure not worth the £60.

The nail painting was and is beautifully done. Nearly a week later having been barefoot through sand and be-flip flopped for most of the time not only is there not a chip in sight but they are still really shiny. For me the important thing is the massage of which there was barely a rub. I looked on enviously at Miss F's 1 minute massage and wished I could ask for longer but I'm British, and she'd already started applying the varnish.

The file was not vigorous enough either - both of us had dry skin left over afterwards although the hot foot soak with oats was lovely and really did soften our feet up. However, I can paint and soak my feet myself but rubbing and filing are not so easy. Miss F did manage to finally track down the most orange of orange nail varnishes - you can now see her feet coming from miles away. I really loved the experience but we'll be trying Miss F's usual place in the months to come to see how their £20 one compares. A little too favourably I think... xx



  1. I love a great pedi. and I have when I feel short changed because I usually do my own at home so when I spend my money I want you to do a good job. Its the worse when you walk out and there is dry skin patches and its like did you even touch my feet.

  2. I do love a pedicure. My local salon does a fantastic one where they took off all the dead skin, you have a great soak and massage. You are also placed on a high chair that doubles up as a massage machine, very bliss. The polish is great too and last for a couple of weeks all for £25. I am in the US on holiday and treated myself to a pedicure here and let me tell you it was out of this world. They even place hot gloves over your feet. Not bad eh.


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