Monday 9 June 2008

Giving Councils a Bad Name

Now I hate to be jumping on any bandwagons here but has anyone ever met a nice, sensible parking warden (I forget what their new name is... as I assume has everyone else. Parking enforcement officer?). I have to say that there have been times that I have argued and won against a perfectly fairly awarded parking ticket and this may be my karmic retribution, but my most recent one is so unfair that I thus far have not been able to bring myself to pay it (and yes i know this will bite me in the ass come the 13th which is, unsurprisingly, the date that they fine goes up to £100).

If anything could make it worse it was that I was parked outside Mr J's house in order to go to B&Q to get the necessary equipment to decorate his father's kitchen whilst said father was away for a week. I do not know how painters and builders are not like bean poles. It was hard enough loading the paint in the car let alone moving the furniture, painting the three coats (high ceilings and all), sanding and varnishing the floors and then moving all the furniture back. I just hope he likes it! xx

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