Thursday 1 May 2008

Book Worm

Miss M and I are trying to be more virtuous... there has even been talk of jogging but that has yet to be put into action. We have however joined the library.

It was Miss M's idea and I'm always easily persuaded into anything so I went along. Miss M says her flat is just too small for any more books and I've worked in the book industry for three years which means that my room is barely accessible from the book high risers all over the place. It was also a novelty for both of us to go to a library and not get out theological books from the 18th century (university library that is...). It was actually very calming to mooch around the shelves and inhale the musty old book wafts. I highly recommend it. Will have to get back to you about the jogging (last discussed whilst eating an entire brie) xx

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