Wednesday 13 February 2008


I find Vintage shopping a bit taxing. I can never find anything, don't know where to go for wShopping for Vintage by Funmi Odulatehat I want or what in time, will be the next collectable item. Thank heavens for Shopping for Vintage by Funmi Odulate. Finally putting her years of experience as a fashion jouranlist into book form, Odulate not only covers the best designers from the last 120 years - from Charles Worth to Jean Paul Gaultier - but she's included an International Directory in the back so wherever you are you'll know where to shop. With gorgeous illustrations throughout this is perfect for the fashionista's out there.

It's also been helping me through my My So Called Life withdrawal. The boys have gone skiing so Miss F and I have been indulging in little teenage reminicing... and some Jerad Leto drooling. But there are only nineteen episodes. WHY? It's made us both revert back to being 15 though. Mr J hardly dares to venture into the house.

It's valentine's day tomorrow, a day that I have to say I associate with rowing - it seems to bring out the rage in Mr J so we're having a steak and movie supper rather than venturing out to what has become a bit of a dinner and pda fest. And I can't wait. xx

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